To make Italian biscotti at Kootingal we use a simple recipe that includes vanilla extract and orange zest, but of course no toasted almond or pistachio, instead dry roasted/toasted organic pecan pieces and halves are rolled into the biscotti dough.  This is an Italian biscotti recipe that we have refined for our baking tray and baking sheet  and oven to ensure that the biscotti dough after baking gives a terrific crunchy biscotti that leaves you wondering if you can have one more biscotti packed full of Australian pecans.

Following the tradition of an Italian biscotti recipe we have substituted the pistachio biscotti or almond biscotti with dry roasted organic pecans. Pecan biscotti is batched up by hand at the farm. Typically we make about 4 kgs of pecan biscotti each time. The recipe includes flour, baking powder, butter, raw granulated sugar, vanilla extract, orange zest and our dry roasted pecans. The dry ingredient our combined and the eggs added to create the biscotti dough. From here, we create the Biscotti loves and place on a lined baking tray to then part bake. Any good Italian biscotti recipe calls for loaves to be removed from the oven and sliced with a good serrated bread knife. The second bake creates the magnificent crunchy biscotti .  Placing the cookie back onto the baking sheet, they are baked  until a glorious golden brown, plus the splendid smell of pecan, vanilla bean and the orange zest. It is the transition to the golden brown colour that creates the crunchy biscotti biscuit.

Any product produced by the Kootingal Pecan Company uses only our Australian grown nuts. These are certified organic pecans following regenerative agricultural practice to yield and excellent quality tree nut. The raw pecans consisting of pecan halves and pieces are dry roasted or toasted over 24 hours to preserve as much of the health benefits in the pecan kernel as possible before being baked into cookies. At Kootingal we have adjusted the pecan recipe in all our baked goods, be it the brittle, biscotti or pecan pie to minimise the amount of salt and sugar when making any item in our range of baked goods whilst maintaining an excellent quality.

Australian Organic pecan biscotti, from the Kootingal Pecan Company. Dry roasted pecan halves with orange zest, in a twice-baked Italian cookie light, crisp, perfect for dipping in coffee. The Biscotti biscuit is offered in two pack sizes.





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Pecan Biscotti

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