Premium tasting honey yellow coloured certified organic pecan nuts for sale from Australia are now available on line

It takes time to grow pecans, but once this tree nut is harvested, it also takes time and patience to achieve the colour and flavours of these Pecans. The orchard pursues sound organic farming and regenerative land management practices to create this exquisite award winning pecan nut. This Australian grown pecan nut  offers a sight and taste experience from Kootingal pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) that is unique. To offer Kootingal organic pecans for sale, we just do not rush or force dry our pecans in silos, nature tells us when they are ready as the dry air of the region off the surrounding Moonbi hills slowly and consistently dries out the Kootingal pecans under clear blue skies. Once these tree nuts have achieved the desired level of dryness only then do we process on-farm these shelled pecans to create an excellent quality raw organic pecans, kernel in pieces and pecan halves for you to enjoy whether as raw pecans or in a range of related products, toasted pecans or in a pecan pie or added to your favourite recipe that requires pecan kernel.

Pecans are from a Native American tree nut that is grown across Australia. The Australian grown nuts from Pecan trees in small to large orchards are typically free from the diseases and pests that plague the pecan trees of North America, South Africa and Mexico. Australian grown nuts and in particular certified organic shelled pecans offer an excellent quality eating and cooking annual harvest of Australian pecans full of protein, rich in fibre, nutrients, trace minerals such as Manganese and antioxidants that combined with healthy fats and vitamin e offer ongoing health benefits when consumed in moderation on a regular basis.