Premium honey-yellow certified organic pecan nuts from Australia are now available for purchase online. 

Growing the Australian pecan is an intricate process that requires both time and care. After harvesting, these organic pecan nuts go through a meticulous journey to develop their vibrant color and rich flavors. The orchard dedicatedly practices organic farming and regenerative land management, resulting in exquisite, award-winning organic nuts. The Australian grown pecans from the Kootingal pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) offer a uniquely delightful sight and taste experience.

The process of offering Kootingal organic pecans involves patience and a deep respect for nature. The raw pecans  are not hurriedly dried in silos; instead, they are allowed to naturally dry in the dry air of the region near the Moonbi hills, under the clear blue skies. Only when this tree nut reaches the perfect level of dryness, they are carefully processed on the farm to create high-quality raw organic pecans, available as pecan nuts whole, kernel pieces and pecan halves. Whether enjoyed as raw pecans or incorporated into various products like toasted pecans, pecan oil, a nut butter, pecan pie, or other recipes requiring pecan kernel, the exceptional quality of these pecans shines through. They are now used as a base for nut reciepes  in some of the leading restaurant Kitchens in Australia.

The Pecan nut, originating from Native American trees, are now commonly grown across Australia. The Australian grown pecans, cultivated in orchards of various sizes, are generally less susceptible to diseases and pests compared to those from North America, South Africa, and Mexico. Certified organic shelled pecans from Australia offer a superior quality annual harvest, rich in protein, fiber, essential nutrients, trace minerals like Manganese, and antioxidants. These nuts, complemented by healthy fats and vitamin E, provide a range of health benefits when consumed moderately and consistently.