Organic Australian Pecans

Single source of award winning organic pecans from an orchard of mature organically certified Pecan trees in New South Wales.

Delicious Magazine NSW Finalist for Earth, 2024.

Supplied to the leading influential chefs in restaurants, airlines and hotels in Australia and available on-line to purchase for you to purchase.

Pecans for sale  from our farm to you.

Pecans, the tree nut full of antioxidants and vitamins, the healthy snack, are available from the Kootingal Pecan Company. These pecan nuts grown in rural New South Wales are a certified organic grower of Australian pecans by Southern cross certified. By 2025  the farm expects to be certified as regenerative agriculture practice , you can read about this in the previous link.

A family run business, the Kootingal Pecan Company each harvest shakes each pecan tree to deliver fresh pecan tree nuts. These Australian grown tree nuts are first raw pecans, that is unshelled pecans, they are then air dried to bring about the distinctive flavours of this premium pecan kernel, a mix of mammoth halves and chopped pecan pieces . Once dried in the clean pure air of Kootingal, some five hours north of Sydney, the we take the unshelled pecans and shell them in the latest stainless steel machines from North America offered by the company “Savage”, a specialist in creating shelled pecans with a high percentage of mammoth halves presented in the pecan halves cracked for the consumer typically as raw pecans, roasted or toasted pecans or activated pecans which offer an unsurpassed crunchy texture. These shelled pecans from our pecan trees will make the perfect pecan pie or contribute to the health benefits from eating a native american nut you seek.

From the Kootingal Pecan Company, you can only purchase certified organic pecans from our orchard, there are many varieties and flavor associated with the pecan tree, we grow the varieties of the Witchita nut. We will not purchase or blend other pecan nut from other growers with our pecan halves. When purchasing this delicious nut, the pecan nut nutrition is ranked in the top 5 of all nuts. The Pecan nut is full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin e, fiber and healthy fats, storage is the key to preserving the minerals, fatty acid and the pecan oil flavours. When purchasing from certified organic pecans from us as halves of or roughly chopped pecans, your pecan nuts are supplied vacuum packed in a resealable pouch. To preserve the benefits of these Australian grown nuts we ask that you store the fresh pecan in a airtight container in a cool dry place, ideally in the fridge or the freezer. Correctly stored your shelled pecans will have a shelf life of over 18 months.

Kootingal organic raw Pecan halves are great as a healthy snack, our crunchy pecans added to fruit salad, made into pecan toasted nut butter, (an alternative to almond butter) or pecan butter, gelato or ice cream or pecan pie, or the pecan nut is dropped into muesli or a fresh green salad. The Kootingal Pecan Company does not do candied pecans, for us it is about a delicious nut contributing to your positive healthy lifestyle. Kootingal harvests its specific variety of Pecan from May each year. There is a full range of award winning pecan product available from organic roasted salted pecans to cookies like chopped pecans in biscotti biscuit.

Click through to the shop to order for vacuum packed certified organic raw pecans from the current seasons harvest or sign up to the newsletter to stay in touch for our exclusive offers.

Click through to the shop to order for vacuum packed certified organic pecans from the current seasons harvest.


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