The pecan tree “Carya illinoinensis”

The pecan tree

Pecans, (Carya illinoinensis) described as the Queen of nuts, are growing in demand from the health concious who recognise the health benefits of this delicious nut. 

Led by the American orchards supply to the home market, demand from pest and disease free Australian pecans is growing quickly for global consumers particularly when the majority of the annual production from this collection of small growers is certified as organic.

Combining organic Australian pecans with carbon sequestration projects and a growing consumer demand to enter into an informed relationship with the orchardists supplying the pecans whether as unshelled pecans or the pecan kernel the consumer would like ideally, a full partnership understanding the growing environment for each seasons production of the pecan nut. The Pecan nuts produced within the orchard at Kootingal seek to provide that level of transparency to consumer through the health records of the orchard that the Kootingal Pecan Company publishes each year during the course of the growing season allowing you to be informed about the health of the single source pecan nut products you are purchasing from us.

Understand the nutritional value of organically certified Kootingal Pecans

As growers of organic pecans for 2023, the Kootingal Pecan Company based in Northern New South Wales Australia is ready and willing to provide that level of nutritional information from the orchard floor, the health of the leaves to the harvesting of the tree nut each May to our consumers. That level of specific knowledge and quality of a single sourced organic pecan nut supported by fact does have a cost.  For those consumers from Australia, Asia, Europe or North America who seek to understand, recognise and appreciate the nutritional information that is provided to this consumer demographic from the orchard to the plate (paddock to plate equivalent) from the soil of the orchard floor, nutrients absorbed by the tree to produce a healthy fully formed, certified organic, pecan nut, a premium is charged. That premium though is reflected in just 75 pecan nut trees that are selected from within the orchard for this level of absolute management and reporting for the consumer when purchasing these pecans.

Kotingal Pecan Company organic pecan, No 1 orchard.

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Published April 2022.