Own the Pecan nut crop from a Pecan tree

The importance of knowing the source of your food is for some consumers as well as the restaurant industry, is becoming an all important aspect of their and their partners and families diet.

The Kootingal Pecan Company is pleased to offer from the June 2023 harvest a limited number of trees within the orchard that you may purchase the trees full or partial pecan yield to be prepared within the grounds of the orchard and shipped to you anywhere in the world. Each tree within the Kootingal orchard is named enabling you to select and gift a unique present to the family, a family member, partner, best friend or a corporate gift. You maybe a restaurant who takes in pride in knowing the source of each and every ingredient used in the kitchen for your clients.

The Pecan harvest  at Kootingal in 2023 is organically certified. Whilst the yield ranges from a few kilograms to a full 30 kilograms +  in a “On” year there is an opportunity for you to choose by name or shape your own tree and select the entire harvest or just halve the yield from the tree for you and your partner or extended family to enjoy. This opportunity is extended to restaurants and food producers who want to know where their product has come from.

Kootingal Pecan Company has its own  on-site processing facility and packing room for cracking, shelling, preparing and bagging/boxing your pecans.



The pecans from your selected mature tree which is typically between 30 to 50 years old are collected and processed right through to shipping by hand. This means that the Pecan nuts from the selected tree are collected by hand, bucketed, sorted, inspected  and then prepared as per your specified requirements.

By your specifications this means;

  • a specified proportion as nuts in shell.
  • a proportion of cracked nuts and sent as either;
    • Activated pecans or
    • Pecan meat
    • Pecans are Vacuum packed in weights of your choosing.

Additional pecan products from your tree in 2024.

  • From 2024 you can add the following products  the overall mix;
    • Pecan oil in 500ml bottles
    • Pecan meal, used for baking
    • Pecan butter.

This decision is your as is the delivery cycle from monthly processing as per your instructions or the entire harvest shipped to you.

Follow your trees progress during the growing season.

Follow the progress of your chosen tree.

When you have picked a tree whether for one harvest  or for a number of seasons you will receive;

  • two leaf reports showing the underlying health condition of your  tree through its leaves for the season
  • A monthly soli moisture report on the growing conditions within the orchard.

How to secure your pecan tree.

To secure the Pecan nut harvest from a specific tree please contact us by email  for terms and conditions that apply.

Prices for the 2023 harvest, start from AUD $2500 per tree/per harvest, including shipping costs in Australia. Please ask about global shipping rates.

Full payment is required at the time for the following year, the minimum period of ownership of the yield from a specific tree is 6 years.

The number of Pecan trees offered for individual purchase each year is limited.