Pecan butter, blended to a smooth consistency with a touch of Olsson’s salt to raise the flavour intensity.  These are  jars  of organic dry roasted pecan butter from the Kootingal Pecan company in regional New South Wales. Great as a spread, for cooking with or making ice cream….




To produce each jar of dry roasted organic pecan butter for you, we spend some 25 hours slowly, and we mean slowly roasting the pecans in small batches on site and then blending  to a smooth consistancy with a little bit of Ollson’s salt added for flavour.  The only added ingredient to this product is a sprinkling of Olsen’s salt.  We experimented a lot of different formula’s ensure that the roasting flavour level in each pecan is in our opinion optimised and the depth of the flavour maintained in what is now considered to be a dry and crunchy flavour filled tasting pecan.

Kootingal Pecan received a silver medal in Royal food show, New South Wales in 2023 with our first entry into a highly competitive environment for its activated pecans and a bronze for its regular pecans.


The Nuts in shell are harvested each June over a 6 week period by family and friends. The pecans are sorted and dried before being prepared on site for activation. The Kootingal pecans from nut in shell to activated pecan all happens on-farm before being shipped to you where-ever you are located in the world. The nuts are collected, sorted, cracked, activated and packed on site, minimising food miles before being shipped.

From 2023, the pecans at Kootingal are certified organic. That is no chemicals are applied to the trees.

We collectively seek to minimise;

  • the use of machinery through the orchard, minimising soil compaction. Preferring to walk through the orchard than travel by vehicles.
  • the drawing of water from local sources to irrigate the orchard as we monitor the moisture levels in the orchard soil. Seeking to irrigate on an as need during the growing season within the Orchard. A deep cover crop throughout the orchard and surrounding fields supports the soil structure and the livestock within assisting in managing the need to irrigate within the orchard.
  • the use of external organic materials to assist with composting.

There is limited availability of dry roasted pecans for the consumer each year as we do not ever purchase pecans from other growers.

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